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Hello everyone, accidentally stumbled upon the project, an interesting idea, although with these capacities the chance that lightning will fall into the submarine above. But he started as understood generally Protsiv reached vidyahu and even have a Foundation for the development of Asimov under this occupation? Then little bit chance for success is) to want to create a crypt, the computing power of mining where you go for brute keys the other crypts it's brilliant).

In General, the project is healthy, the idea is super. I think after the first successful finding of all will be more active.
Sergei Kuznetsov 11/01/2018
I'm just a member, not related to the developers. The project seemed interesting, the participants a little while, I think that'll come to those in solo, small capacity digging. 04/23/2019
This is the most awesome idea ever. Just break the head.
PsyXopath 11/04/2018
Review 08/21/2018
As always, I wish success to the project. it's a great idea.
MrDost Dudost 03/12/2019
In short: We all combine our computing resources and direct them to search for collisions in cryptocurrency blockchains. We generate addresses and see if the money is there. We generate very quickly, but even at this rate, we will probably generate before retirement. In fact, I'm not sure what we're doing here.
Nicolas 06/29/2019
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