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Solo search: Individual search in over simultaneous search for over 100 coins and over 50 millions addresses in real time. If found you undertake to return all funds to the rightful owner, if he confirms his right to own the wallet. Pool fee is 10% your capacities (currently not charged). The member is not displayed on the home page of the site.
Pool search: Look for keys together. The effectiveness of the search for each participant is evaluated in SSC, which are credited to your balance at 00:00 UTC+0.

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Secure of your personal search. if you keep this field empty you will get reconstructed private key and you will be able use it. If you give us your Public Key (130-characters of uncompressed or 66-characters of compressed Public key) you will get partial private key and only you will be able to reconstruct full private key with your private key.
Save the private key. You will need the private key to recover the full private key in order to access the found address.
Attention, do not change the key while Solo search is running. Wait for complete completion.
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